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SJV Data Solutions is the most trusted name in people-data, powering employment and tenant screening companies with the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive data platform allowing you to empower your customers with the clean, reliable and actionable intelligence they need to make informed decisions.


Bringing You Close to the Data

SJV Data Solutions empowers the background screening industry with the data your customers need to make the most informed hiring, employment retention and leasing decisions. We dominate the screening marketplace for one reason. We bring you close to the data. Through relentless, but responsible innovation and exhaustive technological automation, we streamline the experience to provide you with the clean, reliable and relevant data you need, when you need it.

We've built our reputation by providing the best Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) with data and technology solutions that let them consistently stand out from the crowd. Our SJV Connect platform gives you constant access to over 5,000 primary data sources including court data and criminal record research, medical compliance data, resume verifications and international data solutions.

Get Closer to the Data

Putting you this close to the data enables you to consolidate your operations and focus on your most important responsibility, delighting your customers and growing your business.

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Differentiators That Make the Difference

  • You don’t want to compete with your data provider - We are not a CRA and never will be, nor are we a subsidiary of a company that competes with you. Our only business is to provide CRAs with the data they need to fulfill background checks.
  • Data integrity and protection is our first priority - We are one of the industry’s only SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance certified data providers, attesting to our efforts to maintain security, processing integrity and confidentiality.
  • You need data you can use - We work relentlessly to provide our clients with the clean, reliable and relevant background check intelligence they need, when they need it.
  • You need a platform that works for you - We don’t just provide the background screening data you need, but the end-to-end platform, SJV Connect, putting you in control and allowing you to monitor every aspect of your screening and workforce monitoring program- from coverage maps, program analytics, real-time status and historical information you require to operate your business efficiently.
  • You don’t need a one-trick pony - We offer the most comprehensive suite of background screening solutions in the industry featuring over 5,000 data sources including court data, public records, resume verification services, international data and medical sanctions data, allowing you to consolidate your operations and focus on growing your business.
  • You demand efficiency - Our team of technologists has built direct-sourced, automated court research in 1,800+ county-level jurisdictions through real-time court data extraction and proprietary screen-scraping techniques. And we still offer nationwide research in jurisdictions where automated research isn’t available.
  • You’re in control - You decide how for back you want the court record and criminal data search to go, what types of records you’d like to see and how many identifiers you require. And you can do it on a by-customer basis.
  • Big volume? No problem - As the global leader in people-data, we have the people, process and technology to accommodate clients regardless of size and peak usage demands. We process more than 15 million searches per year and with over 400 employees nationwide, our business is built to handle large volume influxes while maintaining personalized service and attention.
  • Integrations. We’ve got them - Our API integrates with any proprietary system and with all of the major third-party platforms.

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