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Technology has an important role to play in delivering value. It drives our strategic growth plan and is integral to the way we compete and win in the marketplace. These are two reasons SJV invests more in technology than other data provider. We didn’t start out thinking of ourselves as a technology company, but here’s why we’ve come to realize how important the best technology is.

Two decades ago when we started SJV Data Solutions, our technology was a FAX machine and email. Back then, that’s how we delivered the value and information CRAs wanted. How times have changed! One thing that has not changed is our philosophy about technology’s role in our value proposition to you and how our technology evolves to always deliver optimum customer satisfaction. We call this our Better Data Through Research philosophy and it’s based on three principles:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Powerful Developer-Friendly APIs
  • Scalable Platforms

These three principles enable SJV to deliver the best value to CRAs, large and small. Here’s how they work together…

Continuous improvement

We’ve all experienced bad applications of technology… the dentist office that texts you 10 times to remind you of your upcoming appointment… the registry of motor vehicles that refuses to put processes online and instead makes you wait hours to speak with a person to fill out a paper form about the simplest thing. At SJV our technology philosophy is to instrument our processes to constantly inform us about where technology can provide you with faster, cheaper, more comprehensive, and more accurate people-data. In Japan, they call this process of continuous observation and improvement, Kaizen, which means “Good Change”. Kaizen is how our technology teams work together to continuously provide the greatest value to our customers.

Powerful Developer-Friendly APIs

Like our Kaizen philosophy, developer-friendly APIs are another critical technology differentiator at SJV Data Solutions. Our APIs are developer-friendly and comprehensive. You never see them, but they do critical work behind the scenes . . .  and a lot of it! You almost never see them but they are one of the ways that SVJ Data Solutions moves to capitalize on emerging industry standards, new data sources and new reporting requirements faster than anyone else. Our APIs impact integrations, data sources, reporting and the features you’ve come to expect and love about SJV Data Solutions.


Scalable Platforms

We’re not fond of firing anyone, but we take our APIs very seriously. We’re the only people-data provider to publish our API. No secrets. Transparency all the way. What you don’t see makes all the difference.

Scalable platforms form the third leg of our technology stool and are the direct result of both our Kaizen philosophy and Developer Friendly APIs. If the global COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 taught us anything it’s that only the nimble survive. Scale and adaptation defined which CRAs remained standing, and which did not. CRAs who invested in SJV Data Solutions know that our platform scaled with their needs – down and up. Scalable platforms are not something that you design in after the fact. If you have not designed the entire platform for scale, you end up with bottlenecks or unnecessarily “heavy” processes that slow performance. Scale is in the DNA of SJV’s technology and that’s how you know we’ll be there for you, regardless of what the market does.

This is what we mean when we say Better Data Through Research. It’s how technology factors into what we believe about delivering the greatest value to our customers.

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