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SJV Smart

Eliminating false positives and normalizing partial case information.


Obtaining missing case information through our proprietary HTML Audit Trail.


Human expertise applied to every result to ensure quality and accuracy.

SJV Connect: Got Data?

Our customers know it’s all about the data. We process more than 14.7 million queries per year through direct integrations to our best-in-class database. Terabytes of research at your fingertips. This is the database you need to operate and scale your business.


But wait, there’s more. Over 1 million times in the past year our customers have used SJV Connect, the cloud-based, people-data platform, built on top of our best-in-class database, to get really close to the data, with insights and business intelligence you can’t get anywhere else at any price. This is how SJV Data Solutions supercharges your business to consistently delight your customers.

It’s Your Game Changer

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you’re serious about data. You know you’ve got to have lots of it and be incredibly close to it. SJV Connect is your game changer for your business. It’s the way you’re going to impress and delight your customers going forward.

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Order Management

Add, find and track your orders and results.


We offer API integrations with any proprietary system and with all of the major third-party background screening platforms. Check out our list of integration partners.

Coverage Maps

Interactive maps including source lists, average turnaround time, quality metrics and on-time delivery rates.

Jurisdictional Requirements

In addition to unique county or state requirements in the U.S., we have a full library of requirements, consent forms and instructions for conducting research in over 200 countries around the world.

Program Analytics and Insights

Standard reporting metrics include overall volume and by jurisdiction, overall turnaround time and by jurisdiction, on-time delivery rates overall and by jurisdiction, overall quality metrics by service and by jurisdiction and on-time rates. Custom reports available upon request.

Population Management

We make it easy to manage your clients’ workforce database for continuous monitoring products such as medical compliance and incarceration events.

SJV Connect Puts You in Control

Putting you in control of your business is what SJV Data Solutions is all about. Whether it’s Criminal Record Data, Resume Verifications, International Background Checks or Medical Compliance Data … or all the above… that are your business specialty, SJV Connect provides you with the data your customers expect when you need to provide it. Build your business with confidence. Build your business on SJV Data Solutions.

SJV Connect puts us in control of our outsourced court research and other background screening data whether it relates to order management, individual order statuses or program analytics and insights. This platform allows us to be more responsive to our clients' inquiries and have the information we need to proactively monitor our research at a micro and macro level.
- Dan Mayer, Executive Vice President, Info Cubic Employment Screening

1800 +

automated court research jurisdictions


of criminal records are completed via automation


of SJV data is direct-sourced

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