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Verifications: Driving You Nuts?

We know. Verifications are often the cause of delayed turnaround times. They tax your internal operations and are not nearly as profitable as the other background screening services you offer. And when an avalanche of verifications hit, your business can experience significant backlogs- putting you at risk with your clients.

Verifications Don’t Need to Be a Loss Leader and Source of Risk
Whether you’re looking to outsource verifications altogether or identify a partner to help you with overflow and backlog, SJV Data Solutions is here to help. In fact, if you add up your true internal costs of keeping this process in-house, SJV Data Solutions can actually help you reduce risk and become more profitable.

Get Closer to the Data

Your clients are pushing you to be faster, more accurate and transparent with your data sources so that they have the actionable intelligence they need to make informed hiring and leasing decisions. Get close to the data and deliver on this imperative.

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Not Your Ordinary Call Center

Have you ever visited a traditional call center? Most of them look like an overseas boiler room. A sea of desks with part-timers, many not native English speakers, dialing for dollars. Not us.

SJV Data Solutions' state-of-the-art operations center is domestically based and staffed by professionally trained representatives who speak English as a first language. In addition, we have a scalable team of remote professionals throughout the U.S. to provide redundancy and overflow capacity handling to ensure you get your resume verification data when we promise you will.

There’s simply no one in the wholesale background screening industry with the technology and operations that SJV Data Solutions offers to enable you to scale for volume, realize the benefits of efficiency and take on more verifications work without the concern of how to meet customer demand.

  • Automated integrations with third-party providers such as The Work Number, National Student Clearinghouse, and Google, for seamless research that expedites the verification process
  • Call flow engine to manage customized client experience
  • Customized documentation per client rules
  • Custom call patterns based on your individual customer needs
  • Auto-dialer increases efficiency and productivity allowing us to increase call volume by 20%
  • Local caller ID’s to optimize successful call acceptance rates
  • Complete recordings for historical archiving and auditing purposes
  • Targeted time zone calling to optimize successful completion rates
  • Verifiers have the option to complete verification via web and mobile increasing our successful completion rate
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Verifications

Resume Verifications Solutions

Employment Verifications
Professional/Personal References
Education Verifications
Professional License Verifications
DOT Verifications
FOIA Military Service Verifications
Tenant/Residential History Verifications
International Employment/ Education Verification
Tenant Income Verifications
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The SJV Difference in Resume Verification

Resume verification is something you have to do. It’s not your bread and butter service, but you can’t ignore it either. SJV Data Solutions gets it. That’s why background screening companies like yours trust SJV Data Solutions to provide out-of-the-box resume verification solutions. With a 2 day average turnaround time and over 1.2 million verifications processed annually, we have the muscle and resources to handle the peaks and valleys of your volume. SJV Data Solutions will make you look good. It’s what we do.

SJV is a trusted partner providing best-in-class services in many aspects of our enterprise. Their team is always attentive with an approach that allows us to balance workloads through peak seasons while stabilizing costs.
- Geoff Lee, Senior Director of Data Acquisition, Partnerships, Strategy & Sourcing at GoodHire

1.2 Million

verifications processed annually


successful completion rate on employment verification


verifications completed on the first two attempts

2 Days

average turnaround time

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