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Deeper, broader, and wider primary source coverage going further back in time.


Proprietary process and technology identifies key aliases and eliminates false positives.


MedEx Solutions are driven by the primary source and a continuous monitoring solution.

Healthcare’s on Fire. Are You Getting Burned?

Today, more background screening providers than ever are focused on the healthcare space, however CRAs like you are experiencing a complete lack of transparency, service and cooperation from the old industry standard. Many are tired of being forced into the old solution and looking for a provider that actually cares about their business and doesn’t compete with them. Does this sound familiar?

MedEx Puts You Back in Control

We have the largest board action data set in the background screening industry and openly publish our sources, giving you complete transparency on where and how we conduct our searches. And SJV’s proprietary technology allows you to continuously monitor your healthcare workforce on an on-going basis through our population management platform hosted on SJV Connect.

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Seamless Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is not simply ‘periodic rechecks’ performed once every month or quarter. Our platform is more agile, more efficient and more responsive for managing your enrollment population. This means no more manual batch uploads or individual file management for your staff.

  • End-to-end population management portal
  • Daily review of population as it becomes public from primary source
  • Real-time notifications based on client rules
  • Relevant negative and positive monitoring
  • Full filtering capability to eliminate the white noise
  • Forced compliance
  • Customer-defined risk levels for alerts and notifications


You have a choice when it comes to your Medical Exclusion and Board Action Data needs

Our MedEx Solution meets or exceeds the best practice requirements for screening excluded parties as set forth in the “Special Advisory Bulletin on the Effect of Exclusions from Participation in Federal Health Care Programs,” issued May 8, 2013.

MedEx Pre & Post-Hire Solutions

Federal & State Exclusions
License Checks
Verification of Adverse Information
Board Actions
Continuous Monitoring Solutions
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The SJV Difference in Medical Compliance

SJV Data Solutions is your go-to provider of MedEx data. With one of the largest, primary-sourced MedEx databases, optional continuous monitoring, 3-tier redundant systems and legendary 99.9998% uptime, why would you trust anyone else?

1,000 +

sources for medical exclusions, federal and state sanctions and board actions and licensing for all provider types


MedEx data is primary-sourced for clean and verifiable results


cloud-based redundancy, reliability and privacy


system up-time

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