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Here’s the thing:

Do you even like doing verifications? I mean, think about it:

  • They take forever.
  • You have to fulfill weird client requirements (call twice, then leave a voicemail, then send an email, then call once again, then send a carrier pigeon, then call again...)
  • They take up a disproportionate amount of your team's time.
  • They create friction with your customers (who are waiting for them to finish, usually the last thing to come.)
  • And you don't even make that much money doing them.

When CRAs come to us, they're at the wits' end.

What we provide to them is a better way forward: a hybrid model where they keep the easier, more profitable verifications for themselves, and outsource the rest to us.

And this makes headcount planning and scaling a breeze. Any time you have significant overage, rather than being swamped under a mountain of work, we can dynamically step in and take that work. 

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