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Webinar: Scaling Your CRA via Automation Without Sacrificing Quality

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At SJV Data Solutions, we’ve embraced automation in criminal background screening enthusiastically 

and unapologetically because we’ve seen how it can help CRAs get more done with fewer researchers when the quality meets or exceeds in-person research. Automation offers a path to scaling your operation while continuing to provide highly accurate criminal background reports.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 1pm EST for an informative webinar on how automation is changing the background screening landscape and how CRAs can take full advantage of the latest technologies.

 “Scaling for Growth Through Automation” features SJV’s panel of experts including Nick Kelland, Chief Technology Officer, Vince Brodt, Vice President of Client Experience and Chris Ruegsegger, Director of Information Technology.

 This session covers the four things you need to know right now on how to accelerate your growth through automation. 

 Key Topics Include:

  • Why Scaling a CRA is so Difficult
  • Automation Use Cases
  • Key Considerations for When to Automate
  • Optimizing Quality and Reliability
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