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U.S. Courts Are Reopening and SJV is On It

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Are we feeling the same way? There’s an overwhelming desire to get back to business, and some governors and mayors are moving to gradually reopen their cities, states, and their courts. So now is a good time to let you know how SJV Data Solutions is responding. 

We’re closely monitoring the courts and determining what steps we can take to begin processing orders; this includes proactively communicating with courts that are currently closed to ensure we know when they reopen, and in what capacity.

Every court situation is different. Some will reopen with more-or-less full services, but others will have limited service availability, allow only court-personnel, or operate on an appointment-only basis. We’ll work within whatever context we need to, but our ideal situation looks like this:

  1. We’re planning to process clears (searches with no hits) first and will begin processing the hits after the initial pass of clears.  This will ensure that most of your work will be completed quickly.
  2. For areas where clients have opted-in to an alternative resource, we’ll immediately switch back to the primary source, soon as we’ve verified its available.
  3. We’ll continue to provide updates on courts via a balanced approach of SJV Connect updates and emails.

This is a developing situation. In the interest of transparency and preparedness, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Previous turnaround time estimates will likely be impacted as courts introduce social distancing measures that will impact the number of people who can conduct research in the courts at the same time. We’ll try our best to hit our usual turnaround times, but we expect some delays. 
  2. Courts that re-open may be subject to closure if they have an outbreak and we will be monitoring this closely. Likewise, states and cities may re-close depending on how COVID-19 responds to relaxed social distancing measures. 
  3. We are ensuring that our employees feel safe re-entering the courts and are advising on best practices to maintain social distancing and minimize their risk. No one is being forced to enter the courts if they do not feel safe doing so.

Check out a demo of our Court Availability Map tool which now includes Court Opening updates. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.45.34 AM (1)

As always, we’re here for you: don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can navigate this environment and accomplish what needs to be done to keep things moving along.