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Toby from The Office Invites You to Download SJV's New eBook

How do you choose an outsourced resume verifications partner? Our new guide will help.

Are you a fan of The Office? You're in luck! Toby Flenderson, America's HR Representative, has invited you to download SJV Data Solutions' new eBook to learn how to choose the right outsourced employment verifications partner. 


Cameo by Paul Lieberstein via cameo


You may have already decided that outsourcing part (or all) of your employment verification work is an option for you. What you may not be sure about is how to choose the right partner.

We just released a new guide on this very subject. In it, we go over the three most important things to look for in an outsourced verifications partner, which are:

  • Transparency. They keep you up to date, provide all of the metrics you need to evaluate their work, and their transparency allows you to shine with your own customers.
  • Scalability. They can handle your volume today, tomorrow, and can quickly scale up as their verifications volume grows.
  • Committed to innovation. They are driven by data, and always looking to innovate to optimize their people, process, and technology.

Of course, we also score SJV along these three dimensions.