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Things to Be Grateful For Amid the Chaos of 2020: Thanksgiving Edition


We (okay, I) love Thanksgiving more than the average bear and I always look forward to writing an annual post around the third week of November on what I am thankful for. Clearly, I had to dig deep this time as 2020 is a year all of us would like to put in our rearview mirror. However, I believe that some of the worst moments in our lives give us perspective we wouldn’t otherwise have. 

I know that at SJV, we are grateful that we invested in crisis planning and our people. COVID-19 tested us in ways that we couldn’t imagine, but our team locked in very early on and rallied when we (and more importantly, you) needed them most. We are grateful for you, our valued clients and the community we’ve worked together to develop meaningful relationships where we have each other’s backs through both good and bad times. And we are truly grateful for the trust you have in us to help you through these difficult time. 

Rather then continue with the corporate mumbo-jumbo, we thought you might be interested in hearing what our team members, that form the backbone of our operation, are most thankful for personally and professionally. Check it out. 

Adam Devine, TMG Process Leader

When people look back on 2020 the memories will undoubtably not be the best; multiple storms, wildfires, social unrest, an election year filled with campaigns being nasty to each other, economic uncertainty, all during one of the worst public heath crises on record. When looking back its hard to imagine what can we be thankful for? Then I turn off the screens and everything is much clearer. I’m thankful that my family is healthy. I’m thankful that I have a job at a company that lets me provide for them. I’m thankful my kids are not hungry or cold. I’m thankful I hold a position that lets me help an underrepresented part of our society. I’m thankful for yesterday which was worth remembering, I’m thankful for today which is worth giving my all and I’m thankful for tomorrow where the possibilities are endless.

Jennifer Cyr, Strategic Account Executive

I’m thankful for my husband Joe and our two beautiful daughters. Our extended families, friends and pets (our dog Lincoln, and our flock of very entertaining chickens) are such a blessing. This year has been a challenging year, and I’m thankful we all have our health, and have been able to stay in touch in unique ways when “in-person” visits haven’t been possible. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work for an organization that truly understands work/life balance and supports me, especially throughout the pandemic.

Wade Hudson, Director of Processing

There were many unfortunate things to come out of the pandemic this year – loss of jobs, loss of lives – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be thankful. I’m thankful for the pandemic because it forced businesses to take action, innovate, and flex their strategies to the limit to save jobs,  save their businesses, and rethink what’s possible. I’m thankful for the pandemic because it emphasized the importance of having a strong body and a sound mind, as well as the desire to improve both. I’m thankful for the pandemic because it allowed for reflection on what’s truly important in life. I’m thankful for the pandemic because it ultimately brought us closer together… despite what CDC guidelines recommend. As many of us endured tragedy and loss this year with the pandemic, I choose to be thankful.

Morgan Wright, Strategic Account Executive

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays, not just for the food (which, come on, who isn’t there for that??) but for the quality time, love, and gratitude. With how busy life can be, it’s difficult to find the time to even think but this time of year really spotlights a state of mindfulness and reflection I strive to apply the other 364 days. I am thankful for so many things but those at the foremost of my heart are my wonderful friends, my loving family, fuzzy socks, and crock pots. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan Crawford, Strategic Account Executive

2020 has proven to be a year to truly reflect on what we are thankful for!  I am thankful my husband, children, extended family and our network of friends have remained happy and healthy through the pandemic.  I’m thankful for two incredibly resilient teenagers who have taken everything 2020 has thrown their way in stride;  remote learning, canceled sport seasons, and limited interaction with friends and family.  I’m equally thankful for my extraordinary clients who exhibited extreme patience and understanding through the most unexpected and unprecedented challenges our industry has ever seen.  I am so grateful for this unique opportunity to strengthen our partnerships!  And last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for the new and unforeseen opportunities SJV has afforded me this year.  I wish everyone a beautiful holiday! 

Jeff Green, Director of Client Services

The year has certainly not been without its challenges, but one thing I am incredibly thankful for is the opportunity to have had so much time with my wife and our 3-year old son.  I have realized how simple things like being home in time to eat dinner with them and read to him at night have such a profound impact on our bond as well as my own health, and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.  

Emily Ashford, Account Manager

2020 has created many struggles, and at times this year caused me to be quite the opposite of grateful but at the end of the year,  I am most thankful for dogs and the love I have cultivated. I am also grateful for technology, and the ever-evolving world we live in as a close second. Without technology, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to FaceTime my family in California, or do trivia with my fiancé’s family in England that I wouldn’t otherwise meet. I’m grateful for the ways people have adapted this year, in ways we would not have imagined, and the quick thinking of the SJV Leadership and Executive teams that have made it possible to remain a family unit while not seeing each other and maintaining our business so we have jobs.

This year has brought many of us closer as we’ve been pushed to communicate differently. I am always grateful for my fiancé, and especially our two dogs. Many people joke that it’s been hard quarantining with their significant other but for me, it’s been such an experience. It’s been the best part of the year. Thanks to 2020, we get to be engaged for another year! I have many things to be grateful for this year, even if they are a bit harder to come by.

As for me, I am thankful that the pandemic allowed me to reset my life and focus on what’s most important. I’ve been a road-warrior for the last 20 years and an admitted workaholic. This last year has allowed me to spend more time with my immediate family and quarantine bubble friends and strengthen those relationships in a way that I always strived for but just couldn’t achieve. From a professional standpoint, I am grateful for my new SJV family and the opportunity make a meaningful impact in the industry I love. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the smooth musical styling of one Adam Sandler. Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving. Stay healthy and safe.