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The Secret to Building the Best Background Screening Data Business


It’s humbling (and a little bit funny) to think about what we considered cutting-edge technology just two decades ago when our company got started. Back at the dawn of the 21st century, we relied on fax machines and email to deliver our CRA customers the value and information they needed. Times have changed. So have we! 

At SJV Data Solutions, the very first week we spent chasing down a candidate's criminal records we recognized we were in the data business and technology was the strategic differentiator that would define winners and losers.  From that first year, we created a strategic vision based on people, process and technology and began building a different kind of people-data business. A business that provides CRAs with the data infrastructure they must have to be competitive but couldn’t afford on their own. Today SJV invests more in technology than any other background screening data provider. We’ve come to see ourselves as a technology company and we think that makes us unique and valuable to you.

But even as a technology company, our winning formula for providing best value to you stands balanced on three essential elements. 

The Winning Formula

If you look at the firms that have flourished during the digital era, you’ll find they all have one thing in common. Every successful company, regardless of their industry or market, has gotten where they are by optimizing three factors in a simple formula:

Value = People + Process + Technology

Amazon is the most obvious example. The e-commerce behemoth has grown into one of the largest and most profitable companies on the planet by constantly innovating to improve each of these three factors.

Amazon’s online platform and logistics technology make buying, selling, shipping, and returning products seamless. Its processes have been streamlined like a finely-tuned machine designed to delight customers. And Amazon’s highly-trained people seamlessly pick up where technology leaves off to ensure customer satisfaction.

At SJV, we work in an industry vastly different from anything Amazon touches, but our commitment to people, process, and technology is the same. Every investment we make is designed to optimize your access to the most comprehensive people-data with the fastest, most consistent results using people, process and technology.

Why is balance significant? Because no single factor can dominate the equation without upsetting the outcome: the value we provide you, our customers.

For example, if we lean too heavily on processes, your every interaction with us could become a burden. We employ the best background screening researchers in the world, but we also recognize that excessive manual work can drive up costs and slow down turnaround time.

Our technology platforms must also be in perfect equilibrium with our people and processes. To understand what we mean by that, consider our automated background screening platform.

As we have written about extensively, we are proud to have developed an industry-leading criminal background screening automation solution. Our advanced automation platform collects the real-time background screening data from about 60% of the criminal jurisdictions in the country.

We don’t claim to cover 100% of the country with automation because not every data source is currently suitable for automation. We are not interested in serving you with anything but the best background screening data. Therefore, we supplement our technology with people; everything is in balance.

Better Data Through Research

Let’s dive a little deeper into the technology aspect of SJV’s value proposition to explore how our technology is always evolving to provide optimum customer satisfaction. We believe this is one of the key differentiators that set us apart in our industry.

When it comes to background screening technology, our driving philosophy is “Better Data Through Research.” Better Data Through Research is based on three principles:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Developer Friendly APIs
  • Scalable platforms

These three principles come together to help us deliver the best background screening data and the best value to CRAs of all sizes. Here’s what each principle means to us:

Continuous Improvement

We love the Japanese concept of kaizen, which roughly translates into English as “good change.”

Improvement is a continuous, systematic process of changing things for the better — and there are always opportunities to improve things with technology. (Just think about your last visit to the motor vehicles department where you stood in line to fill out a form that could have easily been handled online.)

In the background screening business, kaizen means constantly looking for ways to use technology to provide you with faster, more affordable, more comprehensive, and more accurate people-data. This is what motivates our technology team and keeps them focused on offering the greatest value to our customers.

Powerful Developer Friendly APIs

Our APIs are developer friendly and comprehensive. You never see them, but they do critical work behind the scenes . . . and a lot of it!

Thanks to our APIs, we can capitalize on emerging industry standards, new data sources, and new reporting requirements faster than anyone else. Our APIs are the not-so-secret engine that power the integrations, data sources, reporting, and features CRAs appreciate the most about working with SJV.

Scalable Platforms

If the COVID-19 pandemic had a single takeaway for CRAs, it was this: The world is unpredictable. You’ve got to stay on your toes. The CRAs that remained standing at the end of 2020 were prepared to adapt quickly, scaling up and down with a rapidly fluctuating employment landscape.

At SJV, scalability is baked into our background screening technology platforms. We’ve learned that scalability can’t be added in after the fact. The ability to handle workloads of all sizes — while eliminating bottlenecks and reducing bloat — flows directly from our kaizen philosophy and our APIs.

Scale is in our DNA. That’s how you know we’ll be there for you, no matter what the future holds.

Find Out How Our People, Process, and Technology Can Help You Get the Best Background Screening Data

That’s what we learned is the secret to building the best background screening data business. We’ve come a long way since the dark ages of fax and email. But while we’ve upgraded our technology more than a few times since those early days, one thing hasn’t changed: our dedication to empowering CRAs with accurate, reliable, consistent and timely people-data.

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