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Test Drive Your Background Screening Data. Don’t Buy Until You Try.

Test Drive the Data

You don’t buy a home without a thorough inspection or a new car without a test drive, so why should choosing a background screening data provider be any different?

We know that background screening companies like yours face stiffer competition than ever and that the market is pushing you to shave every penny off your fees. We also know that to a customer, shaving every penny feels great, as long as the product features, service and reliability don’t suffer. The value has to be there, but we all want to know we got a great deal, right?

Oftentimes, the race to the lowest price results in a poor customer experience. Perhaps background check quality suffers, turnaround time is consistently off-- it works well as long as there are no records found or issues in receiving data occur.  

So, what do you do? You present PowerPoints with cool graphics, your key differentiators and interesting data and analytics. You try to convince your client or prospect that their cost of ownership with you is actually lower in the long run because you . . .  (insert your value statements here). And that is exactly what you should do, however, where does that get you?

What’s the best way to close a deal? Prove to your clients and prospects that the only way to evaluate all of these claims is to do a bake-off. Us against them and let the best background screening company win! There’s simply no better way to close and once you’ve jumped through these hoops and convinced them that you’re the winner, value leads and price becomes a little less important (within reason).

Guess what? Your experience is the same as ours.

If It Works for Your Customers, Why Shouldn’t You Do It?

You really need to follow the same path to enlightenment as your customers when it comes to how you select your background screening data and research partners. You have SLA’s with your customers and you need to know that you can rely on your partner and the data to maintain them. If you can’t deliver, what purpose does that serve?

Before you decide which provider is right for you, take a test drive, kick the tires and put their claims under a microscope. This allows you to evaluate things like turnaround time, quality, the tools that allow you to streamline the process, etc. These are the qualities that allow you to lead with value and avoid the race to the bottom on price.

At SJV Data Solutions, we invite our CRA clients and prospective clients to take a test drive before they make a decision related to criminal records and court data, medical compliance data, resume verification data, international data or continuous criminal monitoring. We’re inviting you!

Take your SJV Test Drive

What do you have to lose? Stack up your current data sources against ours. Evaluate our quality, our turnaround time, the tools we offer to streamline the process. Then, take a look at the price and make the best business decision you can.

This isn’t to say that we won’t be the most cost-effective solution any time or every time. However, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing what you are getting.


Test Drive SJV Background Screening Data