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Things to Be Grateful For Amid the Chaos of 2020: Thanksgiving Edition

We (okay, I) love Thanksgiving more than the average bear and I always look forward to writing an annual post around the third week of November on what I am thankful for. Clearly, I had to dig deep this time as 2020 is a year all of us would like to ...

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Resources and Articles for Military Spouses #1

You may have learned recently that SJV has decided to focus on hiring military spouses for many of our core roles. This has been an exciting time!  If you missed that update, here are some key links: ...

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Culture is King – A Post from the ‘Iron Throne’ of SJV

As we roll into the fourth quarter of 2017, its a great time to review the year so far and start looking ahead into 2018 and beyond. Certainly, there’s a lot that goes into planning for and operating ...

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Empowered by People – Behind the Campaign

During 2017 we’ve featured various employees as part of our ‘Empowered by People’ marketing campaign. The feedback we’ve received from our customers, partners, and employees alike, has been ...

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Continuous Process Improvement – The SJV Way

As an operational leader, I’m often surprised by how processes evolve (or fail to evolve) over time. Sometimes they evolve into a swift, agile cheetah. Sometimes they evolve into an ugly, slow-moving ...

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Cross Pollination or ‘The Corporate Dosey-Do’

2017 has marked an incredible year of growth and corporate strategy for SJV. We have seen each of our Product Houses expand and our leadership team has also developed and strengthened. In fact, I am ...

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May Kickoff Post for the SJV Blog

We’re here!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out what will certainly be one of your best resources in the background screening industry. You might be asking yourself, ‘SJV launched a blog, so what? ...

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