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SJV Data Solutions and Wholesale Screening Solutions Join Forces

Over the past 24 months, the background screening industry has seen radical change. I mean disruptive, radical change. In the 20+ years, I’ve been CEO of SJV Data Solutions, one thing I’ve always tried to lead our team and our company with, is the ...

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SJV Data Solutions Announces New Promotions and Hires for 2021

As we look forward to 2021, we see the market for background screening services continuing to rebound. In fact, traditionally quiet periods in the 4th quarter of 2020 showed exceptional activity as ...

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SJV Data Solutions Names Barry Wabler as Chief Financial Officer

Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of our leadership team with the hiring of Barry Wabler as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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Resources and Articles for Military Spouses #1

You may have learned recently that SJV has decided to focus on hiring military spouses for many of our core roles. This has been an exciting time!  If you missed that update, here are some key links: ...

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SJV Data Solutions Launches Initiative for Hiring of Military Spouses

Today, SJV Data Solutions launched an initiative to hire military spouses for many of our court data research and resume verification roles. Employment Challenges for Military Spouses Military ...

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Podcast: Courts Are Reopening: How to Manage Expectations

  We’re two months into shutdowns, and I’ll tell you this: I’ll take the positive news when we can get it. Over recent days, we’ve seen more and more courts begin to reopen, often with enhanced ...

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SJV Data Solutions' Response to COVID-19

As we evaluate the increasing global concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want you to know that we are actively monitoring this evolving threat and to take a moment to share some elements ...

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REAL Continuous Criminal Monitoring for CRAs Finally Here!

For years, background screening experts, industry pundits and HR media have been speculating that continuous monitoring for criminal records was going to become a big new trend in the background ...

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Top 5 Background Screening Highlights from SJV Data Solutions in 2019

2019 - the end of a decade.  A year full of exciting new beginnings, like the birth of a new royal baby and the first ever photo of a black hole!  It was also a year of conclusions - some better than ...

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SJV Data Solutions: Same Great Company, New Look and Feel

As you might have noticed over the last few months, we’ve quietly been introducing our new brand name and logo to the marketplace.

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Robotic Processing Automation Changing Background Screening

In the digital era, technology dominates our world and it is rapidly reshaping the background screening industry. We’ve all heard the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), but ...

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New SJV Webinar: Continuous Monitoring and the FCRA

Join SJV and Appriss Safety Wednesday, August 21 at 1 pm EST for the second webinar in a three-part series on continuous monitoring. This webinar will address one of the most discussed topics in the ...

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New Webinar: SJV and Appriss to Present on the Value of Continuous Monitoring

As we announced earlier this year, we’ve entered into a joint distribution partnership with Appriss to enhance our respective offerings to background screening providers. The first solution we’ve ...

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SJV Partners with Appriss Safety to Deliver Cutting-Edge Data Solutions to Background Screening Market

Among the joint initiatives, Appriss and SJV will open distribution of our core products to our mutual clientele. Together, we plan to develop cutting-edge pre-hire solutions, as well as a more ...

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