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[Podcast] All About SJV’s Military Spouse Hiring Program

  Here at SJV, we have been quietly filling more of our core research roles with military spouses. Recently, we’ve decided to make this official: going forward, we plan to focus on ilitary spouses as a core hiring initiative. In today’s podcast, we ...

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[Podcast] Getting People Back to Work Safely with EvidentID CEO David Thomas and Merryck's Coretha Rushing

    For CRAs, the primary goal should be to help your customers stay informed and provide leadership that recognizes the “new normal” and emphasizes safety for everyone on their team as they rebuild ...

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[Podcast] Motor Vehicle Record Checks in Puerto Rico: What You Need to Know

    Welcome to another episode of the SJV Data Solutions podcast! The topic of the day: Puerto Rico.  And it’s good news.  Puerto Rico has plagued CRAs and end-users for as long as I can remember. ...

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Podcast: New Tech Enabling NJ Courts to Reopen

  Today, we’re joined by a gaggle of glitterati. We’ve got SJV President and CEO Scott Vanek, Vince Brodt (VP of Client Experience), Bill Wilder (COO) and Matt Hodges our Director of Research. We’ll ...

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Podcast: TazWorks CEO Barton Taylor joins us to discuss what CRAs have been hearing and observing over the last 120 days

    Today, the team here at SJV is joined by Barton Taylor, CEO of TazWorks. We’ve been getting a lot of input and insights from CRAs and industry consultants over the past few months, so we thought ...

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Podcast: The New Normal with Jason Morris and Nick Fishman

    In today’s podcast, Scott Vanek and I sat down with Jason Morris and Nick Fishman of Morris Group Consulting, a consultancy focused specifically on background screening companies.  These two have ...

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Podcast: Barry Nixon on the Confluence of Workplace Violence and Continuous Criminal Monitoring

  COVID-19 has been a tough time for many of us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. We’ve seen communities come together in a way we haven’t seen for many years; families are getting more time ...

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Podcast: Courts Are Reopening: How to Manage Expectations

  We’re two months into shutdowns, and I’ll tell you this: I’ll take the positive news when we can get it. Over recent days, we’ve seen more and more courts begin to reopen, often with enhanced ...

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Podcast: Why the COVID-19 Crisis May Accelerate Adoption for Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Over the last few episodes of our SJV podcast, the topic has been the one that’s top-of-mind for everyone in the world right now: COVID-19. We have been focused on diagnosis and impact; specifically, ...

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Podcast: Hanging Out with Background Screening Expert Kim Kerr

We started the SJV Hangout podcast last month to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting background screening companies, offer tips and suggestions for how they can maintain efficiency and ...

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Podcast: Scott Vanek, Vince Brodt on COVID-19 and Its Effect on CRAs

Just one month ago, SJV Data Solutions held its annual Kick-Off meeting to share their 2020 plans and get everyone excited about some of most impactful initiatives on their product and technology ...

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