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Webinar: Direct Source Data - The Key to Background Screening Success

As background screeners, we focus all of our energy and efforts on building and maintaining the most efficient and effective methods of processing orders without sacrificing quality. We employ entire teams to do nothing but monitor the queue and ...

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SJV Gets You Closer to the Data. What Does That Mean, Anyway?

If you’ve been reading our articles lately or even just skimmed our homepage, you’ve probably noticed we use the phrases “close to the data” and “closer to the data” quite a bit. It has almost become ...

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Background Checks Matter, Your Choice of Data Provider Is Critical

Criminal incidents can happen anywhere, but as a consumer reporting agency (CRA), you do not have the resources to dispatch your own researchers to every single court in the country. You must rely on ...

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5 KPIs Your CRA Must Hit to Beat the Competition in 2021

Most of us would rather forget 2020 even happened, but unfortunately, it did, with implications for the economy as a whole, nationwide hiring, and the employment background screening industry, in ...

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