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4 Ways Continuous Criminal Monitoring Helps CRAs Grow

The background screening industry is both highly profitable and intensely competitive. As of this writing, the market for pre-employment  background checks has grown by nearly 5% each year for the past five years. But barriers to entry in this ...

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4 Untapped Revenue Streams for CRAs

Put yourself in the shoes of an employer. Would you be able to tell the difference between one criminal background check provider and another? And if you could, would it matter? According to industry ...

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Podcast: Why the COVID-19 Crisis May Accelerate Adoption for Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Over the last few episodes of our SJV podcast, the topic has been the one that’s top-of-mind for everyone in the world right now: COVID-19. We have been focused on diagnosis and impact; specifically, ...

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How Does Continuous Criminal Monitoring Work?

One-time-only pre-employment criminal background checks are becoming a commodity. As the number of background screening providers in the U.S. climbs toward 2,000, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) ...

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Continuous Monitoring: Elixir for Early Release, Limited Prosecutions

As the background screening industry continues to work through how to best support their end-users during the COVID-19 crisis, I thought made sense to shift to more forward thinking about some of the ...

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E-Book: Close More, Churn Less Through Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Today, SJV Data Solutions is pleased to share our latest e-book, “Close More, Churn Less and Create Subscription Revenue Through Continuous Criminal Monitoring”. Prior to this month, the industry was ...

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Details Really Matter When Defining Real Continuous Criminal Monitoring

It’s been a little over a month since we launched the industry’s first Continuous Criminal Monitoring solution for CRAs. Interest has been off the charts. We’re drinking from the firehose and ...

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Continuous Criminal Monitoring: Your Billion Dollar Opportunity Awaits

Today, I'm thinking a lot about Continuous Criminal Monitoring and the value it can create for your Consumer Reporting Agency.

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Florida Bill Requires Delivery Co's to Monitor Employees for Arrests

There’s an interesting new law that was recently filed in the Florida House of Representatives that would place stringent new requirements on companies who hire and employ delivery service workers.

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REAL Continuous Criminal Monitoring for CRAs Finally Here!

For years, background screening experts, industry pundits and HR media have been speculating that continuous monitoring for criminal records was going to become a big new trend in the background ...

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The Anatomy of an Unhealthy Medical Compliance Search

We recently decided to take an X-Ray of "Brand X's" (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) medical and healthcare compliance search so that we could evaluate the strength of our MedEx data ...

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Learn How to Develop and Grow Your Continuous Monitoring Program

Join SJV and our friends at Appriss Insights on November 12th for the third and final webinar in our series on continuous monitoring for criminal records.  "How to Implement and Sell Continuous ...

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New SJV Webinar: Continuous Monitoring and the FCRA

Join SJV and Appriss Safety Wednesday, August 21 at 1 pm EST for the second webinar in a three-part series on continuous monitoring. This webinar will address one of the most discussed topics in the ...

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