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3 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of DIY Background Check Automation

  Consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) that consider automating some or all of their criminal background screening research face a choice: build their own automation solution or partner with an automation provider.

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Automated Criminal Background Checks: The 4 Best Features

Automated criminal background check technology has been growing in prominence over the last several years. As more and more vendors add automated court research to their services, companies that sell ...

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Webinar: Scaling Your CRA via Automation Without Sacrificing Quality

At SJV Data Solutions, we’ve embraced automation in criminal background screening enthusiastically  and unapologetically because we’ve seen how it can help CRAs get more done with fewer researchers ...

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Breaking Down SJV’s Background Check Automation: An Overview

If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you’ll know that we firmly believe background screening automation is one of the keys to unlocking the growth potential of your consumer reporting agency (CRA).

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4 Reasons Background Check Companies Struggle to Scale

  If you were to take a 20,000-foot view of the background screening industry, you would notice that many companies are stuck in a holding pattern. They have the work, and they’re bringing in ...

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What to Look for in a Background Screening Automation Vendor

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog lately, you’ll know we’re big advocates for automating criminal background checks and court research where the quality matches or exceeds in-person ...

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Is Your Consumer Reporting Agency Growing? Time for Background Check Automation

Congratulations, you have a growing Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)! Your digital presence is up to date, you’re bringing on more salespeople, and those new salespeople are bringing in more business. ...

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