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Webinar: Scaling Your CRA via Automation Without Sacrificing Quality

At SJV Data Solutions, we’ve embraced automation in criminal background screening enthusiastically  and unapologetically because we’ve seen how it can help CRAs get more done with fewer researchers when the quality meets or exceeds in-person ...

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4 Reasons Background Check Companies Struggle to Scale

  If you were to take a 20,000-foot view of the background screening industry, you would notice that many companies are stuck in a holding pattern. They have the work, and they’re bringing in ...

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"Expertise Equals Options” – The SJV Difference for Automated Criminal Research

Anytime we talk about the various methods criminal research can be conducted, we always point out the difference between an in-person visit to a Courthouse, versus conducting research online. ...

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Automation Personified – Online Extraction, The SJV Way

SJV's Automation Team devotes considerable time and attention to the process of finding, evaluating, and automating criminal court sites across the country. With a library spanning several hundred ...

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