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SJV Launches Industry’s Most Extensive Court Availability Resource


Two weeks ago, as it become clear our industry would endure unprecedented adversity for an extended period, we challenged our technology team to innovate new tools to help you access the information you vitally need to manage your business, streamline operations, and communicate with your clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Today, I’m pleased to share that we’ve launched the industry’s most extensive, Interactive U.S. Court Status Map on our client-facing platform, SJV Connect, including information about Alternate Sources for Research we've identified to complete searches in counties where Courts are currently closed.

Want drill down into a particular state? How about an individual county? We’ve got you covered and the best part, unlike your other screening partners, we don’t need to bombard your inbox with daily court updates. You’ll have all of the information at your fingertips, 24/7.

Want to share this actionable intelligence with your team members and clients? You can export this data into a CSV file and even upload it into your Operations Systems to dictate your individual workflows.

Check Out Our Demo below:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.45.34 AM (1)

Alternate Search Resources

Based on the research and testing we’ve conducted over the past few weeks, combined with the messaging shared by attorneys on the most recent PBSA Webinar, these alternate methods represent the best available option for completing criminal research in each of their respective jurisdictions, while courts remain closed (more than 138 jurisdictions identified).  When the courts reopen, we will again utilize them directly as our primary source of research. Check out the link below for a complete of alternate search method jurisdictions.

Contact us to get more information on these alternate research methods and to opt into the program.

I also invite you to check out our COVID-19 Command Center which includes a wealth of resources, including a new podcast series that lets me share current insights and observations about the screening industry and CRA business. Our goal is to keep you informed so you can provide the most accurate, most actionable screening insights to your customers.  

I know that court research, resume verifications and other screening data is often considered to be commoditized. However, it is this mindset of innovation and differentiation that truly distinguishes SJV and we’d love to earn your business.

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