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Avoid the "B" Word: SJV Expands Verifications Capacity

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It’s no secret that background screening companies are struggling to keep up with the flood of employment verifications coming their way and avoid the dreaded B” word: Backlogs.

Internal teams are being pushed harder than ever before and cannot accommodate additional capacity. We’ve recently learned that most, if not all third-party verifiers are turning people away.

SJV Data Solutions has been preparing for this storm throughout the summer by scaling up to help CRAs when they need it most. We’ve hired and trained over 150 new verifications specialists over the last 90 days to keep up with surging volumes and are fulfilling more than 10,000 orders per day.

Long story short, we’ve planned for this and as a result, now have expanded capacity of approximately 2,000 orders per day. At this pace, that capacity won’t last long as Fall volumes are starting to kick in. This is your chance to lock in while it is still available.

We don’t want to get you overwhelmed, but we know how backlogs can surmount and take months to recover from. If you need help handling your employment verifications, we urge you to contact us immediately.

There’s simply no one in the wholesale background screening industry like SJV that can offer you the technology and operations needed to enable you to scale for volume, realize the benefits of efficiency and take on more verifications work without the concern of how to meet customer demand.

Take Advantage of Our Expanded Capacity