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Top 5 Background Screening Highlights from SJV Data Solutions in 2019

Top 5 2019 Recap

2019 - the end of a decade.  A year full of exciting new beginnings, like the birth of a new royal baby and the first ever photo of a black hole!  It was also a year of conclusions - some better than others.  The very exciting 42-year saga that is Star Wars came to an end, as did Game of Thrones.  The final year of the decade brought thrilling moments not only for science, cinema, and the royal family, but also to the world of background screening.  In today's post, we're going to review the past year’s highlights for SJV Data Solutions and what they mean for our clients and the marketplace in general.

  1. Who’s Counting? We Are- Collectively, you (our clients) processed more than 15 million searches through our proprietary user interface, SJV Connect.  You also visited SJV Connect over 1 million times to gain valuable insights into their usage and activity, review jurisdictional statistics, research methods and local laws for court record research and criminal data, and to manage your employee population management portal which powers our Continuous Monitoring Solutions such as our Medical Sanctions products

  2. Automation Explosion!- Our IT team worked diligently to add over 50 new agents to our criminal record automation coverage, strategically chosen for development based on volume demand, client feedback and which areas provide the most cost savings to our clients. We also added San Diego, California, Jefferson, Texas and Bexar, Texas to our proprietary research network coverage to lower cost and turnaround times while increasing efficiency, accuracy and quality for our clients.

  3. Out With the Old and In With the New (Brand, That Is)- In December, SJV & Associates rebranded to SJV Data Solutions in early December 2019.  This new name, although not a major change, better reflects our strategic vision and standing in the background screening industry. We’ve also got a radically different look and feel and launched a new website which has received raved reviews.  “We have worked tirelessly on behalf of our clients to earn the reputation as the leading research and data provider in the background screening industry and feel that this new brand firmly bolsters that perception” – Scott Vanek.

  4. Exciting New Data Partnerships- In March, SJV announced our partnership with Appriss Insights to provide cutting edge data products to the background screening market.  Shortly after announcing our partnership, SJV and Appriss launched a full webinar series on continuous monitoring, covering FCRA compliance, how this new solution can drive revenue growth for CRAs, and how to implement and sell this groundbreaking data source. Be on the lookout for more information to come on that partnership and the fruits of our labor later this month.  (Hint: It's big news yall!)

  5. Giving Back to the Community- As you all know, SJV is about more than just business.  We like to work hard, play hard, and give back to the community.  During the 2019 holiday season, our Kennesaw office employees came together to donate two full barrels of non-perishable food items to MUST Ministries, a volunteer organization dedicated to helping homeless and struggling individuals and families with food, clothing, housing, and employment.  In addition to this, our annual Toys-for-Tots toy drive was our greatest success to date, with over 200 toys donated!

Last year was a great year, not only for SJV Data Solutions, but for the entire background screening industry!  Check back soon for our review of the overall industry’s highs and lows of 2019 as well as a look forward into what to expect in 2020.