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SJV Data Solutions and Wholesale Screening Solutions Join Forces

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Over the past 24 months, the background screening industry has seen radical change. I mean disruptive, radical change. In the 20+ years, I’ve been CEO of SJV Data Solutions, one thing I’ve always tried to lead our team and our company with, is the notion of change. Change is inevitable, both in business, and in life. Change, in fact, is the only truly consistent thing in our businesses and in our lives.

At SJV we’ve always met change by reinvesting the faith and trust our customers demonstrate by buying our products and services, back into new products. We think of it as a people, process, and technology model, and it’s worked well for us and for our CRA customers over the years. When we started, it was just me, my PC, and a fax machine. Today we’re one of the largest independent people-data providers in the industry and we’ll process over 20 million requests for background check data this year with a 97% on-time delivery rate. Impressive. But as I look at 2022 and beyond, even that kind of performance isn’t going to be enough. Something must fundamentally change about how we respond to your growth, and the goals you have for your businesses.

We’ve got to be bigger, faster, more secure, and more comprehensive… and more personal, customizing what we do so you can be more efficient and effective at the searches you perform for your end-user customers. We’ve got to think and act differently…grow faster than we can by investing what we earn into new products and services… that’s what I want to tell you about. It’s exciting and as disruptive as that very first completed background check I faxed back to you in 1998.

Today, we’re announcing that SJV has taken on a new investor, Gallant Capital. Gallant is a firm that helps companies in fast-growing markets execute aggressive plans to respond to big opportunities. And if that isn’t big news, Gallant has also invested in Wholesale Screening Solutions and we are joining forces.

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When Gallant looked at what our collective organizations have accomplished, what’s happening in our marketplace and our plans to respond, they shared our enthusiasm. They saw that the right solution for CRAs needs scale. Big scale. Bigger than most in our industry are thinking. We’re coming together as one, to meet the challenges of the changing landscape of our industry. We’re executing together on an exciting new vision for people data that makes it more available, more reliable, more comprehensive, more secure, and more personal. This is the kind of different thinking that is required to meet the ever-changing needs of CRAs. It’s a radical new beginning.

In 2022 you’re going to see an amazing response to your needs from a bigger, better, well-equipped SJV (we’ll be introducing a new company name to better capture our expanded vision). I’m super excited about this new beginning and am proud to be leading our expanded team, including the very talented team from Wholesale Screening. I hope you’ll continue to let us earn your business as we build the best people-data solutions and chart the course of the future of our industry, together.

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