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Podcast: Why the COVID-19 Crisis May Accelerate Adoption for Continuous Criminal Monitoring

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Over the last few episodes of our SJV podcast, the topic has been the one that’s top-of-mind for everyone in the world right now: COVID-19. We have been focused on diagnosis and impact; specifically, how COVID-19 affects background screening companies, how CRAs can still operate during a pandemic that shuts down courts, and guidelines for re-screening laid off or quarantined employees. 

For this week’s episode, we’re taking a more forward thinking approach on how you can come out of this crisis stronger than ever. How? Continuous Criminal Monitoring (CCM), and why it’s adoption could be accelerated by COVID-19. 

We’re joined today by the following (exceptional) experts:

CCM has been the “next big thing” in the industry for a while now, but it’s only until recently that the technology caught up with the predictions.  This is a must-listen for any provider who has been intrigued by the potential of CCM and how it could shake up the industry.

Key Topics Include:

  • A quick primer on CCM: what it is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and which industries are most suited for CCM. 
  • The market adoption of continuous criminal monitoring, today and going forward.
  • How CRAs can use this to expand and deepen their customer relationships. 
  • What recent developments in criminal justice (early release programs, reduced prosecutions) means for CRAs and CCM. 
  • How employers can respond to flags, and how CRAs can help them navigate these moments. 

The high point of the show comes when Brian Kelly from Appriss describes what makes him truly proud and optimistic about this technology: second chances. 




In the episode, we reference a few pieces of further reading. They’re linked here for your convenience:

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