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Podcast: New Tech Enabling NJ Courts to Reopen


Today, we’re joined by a gaggle of glitterati. We’ve got SJV President and CEO Scott Vanek, Vince Brodt (VP of Client Experience), Bill Wilder (COO) and Matt Hodges our Director of Research.

We’ll be talking about something essential: the reopening of court research in New Jersey. And it’s big news. 

The sneak preview: NJ has created an ability to use a VPN to remotely access their court terminals and conduct research. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  1. A general industry update on courts around the nation.
  2. This new technology launched by New Jersey to facilitate court research and criminal background checks. 
  3. What CRAs can expect in terms of background check process, turnaround time, and working through their backlogs. 
  4. How SJV has quickly mobilized to hit the ground running with this new technology.
  5. What this NJ solution could mean for other courts. 

It’s a good one, give it a listen above.