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[Podcast] Looking back, looking forward, and giving thanks.


It's been a crazy year around the world. Luckily, we have vaccines on the way and something else that is just what the doctor ordered: a holiday season. We're excited to put 2020 behind us, but we're also excited to take full advantage of this holiday season and salvage some joy, bonding, and gratefulness. 

Today, the team here at SJV got together on a podcast to talk about:

  1. The year-in-review: how we managed when the crisis hit, what we saw across the industry, what we learned from this experience, and how we're prepared to handle any upcoming spikes. 
  2. Giving thanks: what we're most grateful for this year, personally and professionally. 
  3. Fun musings: if we could see one thing go away and never come back, what what it be? (Some fun answers here!)

We hope that this episode brings you a few laughs and a renewed belief that we will all get through this, together.