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[Podcast] Getting People Back to Work Safely with EvidentID CEO David Thomas and Merryck's Coretha Rushing



For CRAs, the primary goal should be to help your customers stay informed and provide leadership that recognizes the “new normal” and emphasizes safety for everyone on their team as they rebuild their workforce and re-open for business. 

SJV Data Solutions has partnered with Evident ID to help you do just that. Evident ID just released a hot new app for employers and CRAs. 

In this podcast, we’re joined by David Thomas (CEO of Evident ID) and Coretha Rushing (an HR consultant who earned her stripes in HR leadership roles at Equifax, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and IBM.) 

We cover the four things CRAs need to know right now to jump-start their business and help customers return to work and rebuild their workforce safely:  

  1. The top anxieties that employees and employers are dealing with as they rebuild their workforce and plan for a return-to-work.
  2. How SJV Data Solutions and EvidentID are helping CRAs and their clients return to work safely.
  3. A technical overview of the Evident Health Status app.
  4. Selling strategies and techniques to help you get started with your client base.