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[Podcast] Background Screening Has a Middleman Problem


Years ago, we could sense where the background screening industry was going: towards intense competitiveness and consolidation, which would require constant optimization (and cost reduction).

The root problem is the data: where it comes from, and who. The worst-case scenario is a multi-layered data collection process that goes from one person to another, to another, to us, to you, to the client. That’s slow, inefficient, prone to error, and inflexible to customization. 

There will always be layers to the research process, but it's essential to get as close to the primary source as possible.

In this new podcast episode, we discuss the following questions:

  1. An industry update — what are the trends in volume around the background screening industry?
  2. What is direct source data?
  3. Why is direct source data research resonating within the CRA community at the moment? Is this trend here to stay?
  4. How does SJV expand its direct source footprint?
  5. Are there limitations to direct source data? How do you know when it's not viable?

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Here's a bonus - this podcast has a twist - watch our Podcast Video here.