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Real Solutions for CRAs to Process More Orders and Invoice Now

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Who’s in your corner? Rather than sit on our hands for the duration of this crisis, we are actively developing solutions background screening companies like yours can use to help your end-user clients move forward. It’s in our DNA. It’s what we do.

Court closures. Big problem. They’re preventing CRAs everywhere from closing searches and getting paid. How do we know? Our real-time interactive, nationwide, county-by-county court closure map, that’s how. 

Last week, SJV Data Solutions introduced the concept of Alternate Court Research methods as a way to process criminal background checks in jurisdictions that are closed and do not offer automated access. Today, more than 60% of SJV’s top clients have opted-in to this program and are back in business.

Here are some other helpful stats about court closures and our ability to fulfill orders:

  • 40%+ of U.S. counties are closed or impacted for criminal record research
  • SJV is has identified 141 counties where we can fulfill orders via alternate search methods (11% of impacted counties)
  • Including these 141 counties SJV can successfully fulfill requests in 63% of all U.S. counties (8% more than other national providers)
  • This has allowed us to fulfill 92% of all criminal record requests
  • We will continue to identify more alternate sources that allow you to fulfill orders in closed county courts

What Experts Are Saying:

We asked FCRA subject matter expert Pam Devata, partner at Seyfarth Shaw, an international AmLaw 100 law firm focused on labor and employment law, about how CRAs can benefit from using Alternate Court Research methods and she had this advice.

“I wouldn’t discourage anyone from adopting these methods to get through the crisis, but I think it is imperative that CRAs seek legal advice before using them.” She went on to say, “Background screening companies should make sure to be transparent about where they obtain information and if they report something using these sources that it should be noted what resource was searched and what day it was searched on to avoid claims against information being inaccurate.”

We also recorded a podcast where we discuss the concept of Alternate Court Research methods with Bob Capwell, Chief Knowledge Officer at EBI and Sean O’Donnell, Vice President of Operations at DISA.  

How to Opt-In

It is important to point out that this is an opt-in program whether for all jurisdictions where available or by jurisdiction. We are simply giving our clients options and letting them make the best choices to keep their customers protected and satisfied. 

Contact us to get more information on these alternate research methods and to opt-in to the program.

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