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[Podcast] Michigan moves to redact PII from court records


The state of Michigan has issued a rulemaking that requires redaction of date of birth (DOB) from public records effective July 1, 2021. As we know dates of birth in public records are essential as we help employers ensure a safe working environment. Their redaction by the Michigan courts will not only put our businesses at risk, it will also have devastating consequences for employment in Michigan.

In this episode PBSA's Director of Government Relations and Public Records Access, Jose Dimas offers insights in a lively discussion with SJV EVP of Sales and Account Management, Vince Brodt, Director of Research Matt Hodges, and CMO Nick Fishman.

Join us for the next 30 minutes as our team of experts and industry veterans wrestle with the questions Michigan's rulemaking raises for every CRA:

  • What’s going on in Michigan? 
  • What impact will this have on CRAs and employers? 
  • Why have they decided to take this action? 
  • What is the industry doing to stop this from happening?

What can you do?

Continue sending letters to the State Court Administrative Office, Supreme Court, Governor’s office, and Legislative Officials and asking your clients to do the same:

If you have questions don't hesitate to reach out to Vince at