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Introducing SJV's Revolutionary National Criminal Database Solution


Over the years CRAs like you asked why SJV Data Solutions didn’t offer a National Criminal Database solution. They told us that they just didn’t love what was out in the market, that enterprise CRAs were light years ahead with their multi-million-dollar proprietary databases and that there was no transparency of data or enough flexibility to consume the data exactly as you wanted it. We listened, asked our best and brightest data scientists to think about it, and recently discovered the value we could add. 

Today, SJV Data Solutions announces a revolutionary step forward in people-data information with our reimagined National Criminal Database solution. In a post-pandemic hiring environment, CRAs are squeezed between employers’ need to know everything they can about an individual and the imperative to process checks inexpensively and efficiently. Consequently, the market demands a new approach to identifying and processing potential criminal records outside the jurisdictions where candidates have lived.  

Until now national criminal databases available to CRAs have been a mystery in terms of transparency of data sources. “Mysterious data” has been a source of friction in the screening process and prone to cause wild goose chases pursuing where CRAs pursue information that either cannot be reported or was unimportant to the employer. This decreases a CRA’s value to employers at a time when competition for the best employees is fierce and CRA’s are seeing automation commoditize their core screening services.

Our enhanced National Criminal Database solution features over 2 billion unique criminal records derived from over 2,000 different municipalities at the County, State, and Federal levels across the United States, and aggregated all this information into an easily accessible cloud data solution. That’s not all. We enhance our data with our footprint of automated court scrapers and physical researchers that continuously add records to our database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over 90% of the US population covered, the national criminal coverage of SJV’s solution outflanks the competition and represents the largest electronically available criminal records source, period. And with our developer-friendly APIs, turnkey integration has never been easier.

sjv national criminal database solution

Imagine the simplicity of being able to manage your entire criminal research history search in one place. Simply combine your court data and criminal record search with our enhanced, easily integrated Criminal Database solution to optimize efficiency and reliability. 

The refined solution places a premium on data and reporting cleanliness while making the process more efficient and customizable. 

Background screening companies can finally get excited about their National Criminal Database solution and use it to compete with CRAs of all shapes and sizes.

And best of all there are two ways for CRAs to win from a profitability standpoint—the product is priced to sell and we’ve included efficiencies unseen in previous market offerings that allow you to reduce the overhead associated with processing these results.

Of course, the proof is in the data. We’ve tested our solution against the leading databases in the marketplace and we’re sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as we have— our expansive data is a cut above the rest.

There’s only one way to find out. We invite you to give our data a test drive.

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