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How Does a Best-in-Class Outsourced Employment Verification Provider Handle Customization?


No two employers have quite the same requirements for how background screening companies should conduct employment verifications. The same can be said for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

It’s not uncommon to find an employment verification specialist’s workspace papered with sticky notes, each detailing the calling pattern for a particular client: “Call once per day.” “Call the first two days, skip two days, and then call again.” “Call twice, leave a message the second time, and if you don’t get a callback, call a third time.”

Ultra-specific end-user requirements are one reason employment and education verification orders can consume an outsized portion of a CRAs’ resources. 

Ironically, the need to customize calling patterns for each end-user also tends to make CRAs skeptical of the one solution that might relieve the pressure of verification work: outsourcing.

Customization is not a reason to avoid outsourcing

In our latest ebook, we took the pulse of the labor market and listened to CRAs just like yours. We learned how, rather than using the current sky-high demand for employment verification services as an opportunity for growth, many CRAs are struggling just to stay ahead of the backlogs. We committed ourselves to find a solution to this problem.

The answer, we wrote, was to outsource your overflow verification orders to a reliable background screening data provider that has a repeatable, customizable process and technology to make it efficient.

But how can an outsourced employment verification provider possibly keep track of your clients’ various customization requirements, let alone those of all the other CRAs they serve?

To explain, we’ll reveal how SJV Data Solutions processes 1.2 million verifications annually, for over 200 separate CRAs, each with dozens of customizations, using a team of 400 (and growing) verification specialists — and not a sticky note in sight.

How SJV Data Solutions Adapts Seamlessly to Customization Requests

At SJV Data Solutions, our multi-million dollar state-of-the-art cloud-powered verifications call center is built from the exact technology and based on the same scheduling, automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities that the world’s best - think Lexus, Apple, Zappos -  customer service organizations rely on.

Calls are routed to our verification specialists at just the right time, and calling scripts are optimized to maximize the likelihood of a response based on proprietary heuristics and your customer’s customizations. From the perspective of a verification professional making the call, very little changes from call to call. All the customization occurs behind the scenes.

Here’s how it works:

If you don’t want any customization or just a few basic adjustments, you can be ready to outsource your verifications with SJV after just a 30-minute onboarding call.

You can be sure our standard calling protocols will get results quickly. Our algorithms are the result of scrutinizing years of data over millions of calls — and as we generate new data, we’re constantly improving our processes in response to the way the marketplace and people we’re calling change behavior, to boost efficiency and maintain quality.

If you require more involved customization that’s OK. The key to rapid onboarding is having your needs documented. Even if they aren’t, all we need is anywhere from two days to a week to integrate your calling pattern or verbiage changes into our rules engine.

In our recent blog post, Jamie Cover, SJV’s Manager of Verification Operations, summarizes our approach to customization:

“It’s all about taking a basic process and adding in the nuances that make each individual CRA unique. All of our processes are streamlined to fit the needs of any given CRA, and then, we add in those backend processes that are special to what each individual CRA does for their clients.”

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