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Helping Hands, The Cure for Unprecedented Background Screening Challenges

Canva - Team Putting Their Hands Together

Government mandates, overwhelming demand, contingency plans. Circumstances are unprecedented for every business as we all face the COVID-19 crisis. Staff is being stretched. Uncertainty is everywhere. What you do, and don’t do in times like these define your value like no other.

We wanted to hear, first hand, the challenges facing our customers in the background screening industry, businesses like yours. So we’ve spent the last several days asking some of the top executives in the industry. What we've heard is that flexibility is on everyone’s mind. Flexibility to do work where people can be safe. Flexibility to scale output up or down without sacrificing quality. Flexibility to offer services and expertise that were not on anyone’s radar a week ago.

At SJV Data Solutions, we feel the same pressures and challenges your business is going through but we are committed to stepping up in a big way and making a difference for the CRA marketplace. And we rely on the principles of people, process, and technology to stay flexible and seize every opportunity.

People. We’re in the people business. Our people are here for you to make sure your business can meet peak demands while maintaining the highest quality background screening service. If you need to scale up. We’re here for you. If you need to scale down and make background check research and data a variable part of your cost of doing business. We’re here for you.

Process. Process is how we enable our people to deliver consistently great service. It’s how we built our business. The scalable processes we’ve put in place are the way you can be sure SJV will always deliver the screens you need, on time, with the quality you expect. Even when the unexpected happens, you can count on SJV’s process. To make life a little less unexpected, we’re already sending a Daily Court Closure/Reopening Email. We have also just unveiled an interactive map on our SJV Connect platform which allows our clients to stay informed on court closures, delays and openings in real-time (more information on this coming soon).

Technology. Technology is the way we give you access to the highest quality data in real time, even when the rest of your business is a big question mark. It’s also the way we build flexibility into our service. You need to add 20 new automated jurisdictions to process criminal background checks by tomorrow, our technology can handle that. You need us to handle your backlog or overflow of resume verifications starting tomorrow, we can handle that too. We’re also getting creative and are in the process of developing alternate court research methods in jurisdictions where conventional research is temporarily unavailable. And as demand for healthcare workers across the country explodes, our suite of medical sanctions screening and monitoring tools are available 24/7. Rely on SJVs technology to keep your business going in times of uncertainty.

Thus far, we’re seeing spiked interest in the following product categories:

If you have a background screening business need that you don’t think anyone can understand or solve, give us a call. We’ll listen. Our team is flexible. If our people, process and technology can help, we will.

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