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Florida Bill Requires Delivery Co's to Monitor Employees for Arrests

There’s an interesting new law that was recently filed in the Florida House of Representatives that would place stringent new requirements on companies who hire and employ delivery service workers.

The proposed law would require all delivery service companies to conduct “local and national criminal background checks” on their prospective employees, and inform retailers they contract with if employees are arrested, convicted or awaiting trial for a number of offenses including sexual misconduct, attempts or conspiracy to commit felonies in the second and third degree, assault, battery and domestic violence.

“The Evy Udell Public Safety Act”, was introduced by Florida House Representative, Mike Caruso after Evelyn Udell was killed by a delivery man in her home.

The first part about conducting local and national background checks isn’t surprising. Presumably, these companies already conduct some form of pre-employment background screening, but it never hurts to create better specificity for workers that have access to peoples’ homes.

What I’m more interested in, and think is much more topical, is the requirement to report if employees are arrested or awaiting trial for specified criminal activity.

March Towards Continuous Criminal Monitoring

For years, background screening experts have been predicting that the concept of post-hire screening was on the rise. And for the most part, they’ve been correct—whether related to monitoring of traditional interval-based criminal records and court data, driving records, credit reports, medical sanctions and myriad professional license updates.

What has been slower to emerge but is finally gaining steam, is the concept of real Continuous Criminal Monitoring, as opposed to interval-based checks. The demand for real-time data has grown quickly over the past several years as employers are being held accountable for what they “should have known” after an employee is hired. For example, a delivery company can be notified if one of its employees is incarcerated and, or booked for activity related to the type of criminal offenses included in the aforementioned proposed Florida law.

Thanks to new data sources and the employee population technology required to effectively monitor and manage a workforce, this concept is poised to take off like a SpaceX rocket in 2020 and beyond. (Sorry Richard Branson, but he launched a Tesla into outer space. Top that, and we’ll reconsider.)

By monitoring for criminal activity such as arrests, incarcerations and bookings post-hire, continuous criminal monitoring helps consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) and the employers they represent reduce workforce risk and provide a safer work environment for their customers and employees.

In fact, SJV Data Solutions just released a brand new Continuous Criminal Monitoring data solution for our CRA clients.

Of course, there are some privacy concerns about this product and its uses. I totally get that and agree they need to be addressed. However, if this product can improve public safety and protect businesses, their customers and their employees, I would hope that similar laws will help encourage the expansion of this valuable post-hire screening tool.


Continuous Criminal Monitoring


Nick Fishman is a guest blogger for SJV Data Solutions. Fishman is the president of Fishman Group Consultants and has over 20 years of experience in the background screening industry serving in various executive capacities.