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Back Away from the Spreadsheet! SJV Launches Business Intelligence Tool

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We’ve all been there. Your clients want immediate access to the data trends that matter most to their business, so you spend countless hours building Excel files that show various charts, graphs and tables that try to make sense of myriad program analytics. But that’s not enough. They also want you to generate the same report for them every day, week, month, leap year (maybe not). 

We also know how much time you spend developing account reviews for your clients that demonstrate that you’re on top of things.  

You can easily share metrics such as turnaround time, hit rates, usage, etc. to your clients without batting an eye. And let’s face it-- so can everyone else in the background screening industry and clients are now demanding more than that.  

They want the bigger picture-- the data that informs them of what’s truly going on with their screening program and helps to drive business decisions. All of the larger CRAs offer this layer of business intelligence to their clients and now you can too. 

Thanks to your valuable feedback and market demand, we’ve launched SJV Intelligence on the SJV Connect platform to level the playing field and deliver the analytics and insights you need to delight your customers. 

This valuable business intelligence tool offers CRAs the ability to process one-click reports and generate and save custom dashboards to fit your (and your clients’) unique needs.  With SJV Intelligence, your team has complete visibility into the drivers that matter most, such as your volume by product category and performance thereof, your jurisdictional performance in terms of volume turnaround time and on-time completion and domestic quality by process (i.e. automated court research v. conventional).  We’ve also included advanced filtering capabilities which allow you to measure across a wide spectrum of parameters such as:  

  • Start Date 
  • End Date
  • Region
  • State
  • Jurisdiction
  • Product Category
  • Product
  • Clerk Search
  • Order Status 

SJV Intelligence gives you the ability to create report parameters, with relative or absolute date ranges, that generate with one click.  Just export and send, that’s the power of SJV Connect. 

Imagine how valuable this will be for your customers and how much efficiency you’ll gain by not having to create these reports manually.   

SJV Intelligence is now available to all SJV Connect users and can be found by as depicted below. 

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