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The Secret to Building the Best Background Screening Data Business

It’s humbling (and a little bit funny) to think about what we considered cutting-edge technology just two decades ago when our company got started. Back at the dawn of the 21st century, we relied on fax machines and email to deliver our CRA ...

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Supercharge Background Check Effectiveness: 5 Strategies

According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the average organization loses five percent of its annual revenues to occupational fraud. This is an amount that exceeds $3 trillion ...

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How Automated Background Checks Work

Way back before the world became as connected as it is today, there was no mystery as to how criminal background checks were conducted. Researchers would go in person to courts to access information ...

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The Five Fundamentals of Automated Background Checks

Automation is transforming the criminal background screening industry, helping consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) complete more reports, in less time, with fewer researchers, and for lower costs than ...

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3 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of DIY Background Check Automation

  Consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) that consider automating some or all of their criminal background screening research face a choice: build their own automation solution or partner with an ...

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Automated Criminal Background Checks: The 4 Best Features

Automated criminal background check technology has been growing in prominence over the last several years. As more and more vendors add automated court research to their services, companies that sell ...

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What to Look for in a Background Screening Automation Vendor

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog lately, you’ll know we’re big advocates for automating criminal background checks and court research where the quality matches or exceeds in-person ...

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Is Your Consumer Reporting Agency Growing? Time for Background Check Automation

Congratulations, you have a growing Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)! Your digital presence is up to date, you’re bringing on more salespeople, and those new salespeople are bringing in more business. ...

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Back Away from the Spreadsheet! SJV Launches Business Intelligence Tool

We’ve all been there. Your clients want immediate access to the data trends that matter most to their business, so you spend countless hours building Excel files that show various charts, graphs and ...

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SJV International Verifications Now Available on Accio Platform

  As you know, we are constantly innovating at SJV and enhancing our products based on customer feedback and market demand. So, we thought we'd take a moment to share a recent enhancement we made to ...

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"Expertise Equals Options” – The SJV Difference for Automated Criminal Research

Anytime we talk about the various methods criminal research can be conducted, we always point out the difference between an in-person visit to a Courthouse, versus conducting research online. ...

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Continuous Process Improvement – The SJV Way

As an operational leader, I’m often surprised by how processes evolve (or fail to evolve) over time. Sometimes they evolve into a swift, agile cheetah. Sometimes they evolve into an ugly, slow-moving ...

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