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SJV Gets You Closer to the Data. What Does That Mean, Anyway?

If you’ve been reading our articles lately or even just skimmed our homepage, you’ve probably noticed we use the phrases “close to the data” and “closer to the data” quite a bit. It has almost become our mantra, “close to the data,” repeated over ...

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5 KPIs Your CRA Must Hit to Beat the Competition in 2021

Most of us would rather forget 2020 even happened, but unfortunately, it did, with implications for the economy as a whole, nationwide hiring, and the employment background screening industry, in ...

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Clerk Assisted Searches – The Dreaded Diagnosis of Doom

We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? Ordering a criminal background check and the next thing you know, you’re being told delays are occurring because of…wait for it…stop me if you’ve heard this ...

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Cook County, IL – First Class Research in the Second City

Who doesn’t love a good trip to Chicago?! If you’re going to Chi-town to conduct criminal research, you may need a bit of advice, so consider this your official ‘tour guide’ for how research is done ...

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