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How We Quadrupled the Size of Our Verifications Team in Six Weeks

One thing strikes fear in the hearts of all consumer reporting agencies (CRAs): an unpredictable verifications avalanche. Now, imagine it happening during a pandemic. Not really a far stretch since you now have lived through it. You no doubt, ...

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AI & Natural Language Processing: The Next Frontier of Resume Verifications

The turn of the New Year has got us thinking about where our industry might be headed in the next decade. It’s also got us looking back. It’s amazing how far call center technology has come since the ...

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Do Verifications Drive You Verifiably Insane?

  You know that feeling you get when you call, and you call, and you email, and you call, and you email, and you check online, and you call, and you still can’t complete that verification request? 

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Employment Verifications: 20% of Your Revenue and 80% of Your Headaches

Employment verification is for some consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) both a blessing and a curse. It’s clearly a service that clients want. Even when the economy suffers and hiring declines, the ...

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Employment Verifications and Headcount: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We’ll admit that this article’s title is slightly on the whimsical side for a background check provider. But if you hear us out, we think you’ll understand why we think employment verifications and ...

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Why Outsource Employment and Resume Verifications?

  The idea of outsourcing employment verification work may seem like a foreign concept to some consumer reporting agencies (CRAs). After all, you’ve recruited and trained an in-house team of ...

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Jefferson County, KY Court Access: The Perfect Storm

By now you may have heard that the background screening industry has run into a proverbial iceberg in Jefferson County, Kentucky (Louisville) due to a confluence of events including the COVID-19 ...

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Be prepared for seasonal overflows in your Verifications services.

2018 looks to be a great year for job growth and with that comes the anticipated seasonal overflows. When these spikes in hiring occur, your customers will be looking to you to help them get the ...

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Its Not ‘WHO You Gonna Call?’…Its WHEN! – How Call Scheduling Strategies Actually Work

In the world of verifications, there are numerous factors that lead to a successful, verified outcome. Being able to replicate certain strategies over time to continually produce verified outcomes is ...

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