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2020 Baker's Dozen List of Top Background Screening Companies



It’s that time of year again folks. HRO Today has released their Baker’s Dozen list of the top-rated background screening companies based on their client satisfaction survey results and we wanted to extend a hearty congratulations to the background screening companies that made the grade in 2020.

We’d also like to brag a bit because we proudly serve 100% of all consumer reporting agencies who made this year’s list.

These recipients include the following 23 companies. We know. We too, scratch our heads when we see that well over a dozen companies are included each year, but they’ve broken it up into several categories. Here are the overall rankings for both enterprise and mid-sized organizations.

Overall Enterprise Pre-Employment Screening Leaders

  1. Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
  2. First Advantage
  3. Universal Background Screening
  4. Employment Screening Services (ESS)
  5. HireRight
  6. Employment Background Investigations Inc. (EBI)
  7. Global HR Research
  8. MBI Worldwide
  9. Peopletrail
  10. Asurint
  11. Info Cubic LLC
  12. CNet Technologies
  13. Crimcheck

Overall Mid-Size Program Pre-Employment Screening Leaders

  1. IntelliCorp
  2. Data Facts
  3. Edge Information Management
  4. A-Check Global
  5. Backgrounds Online
  6. InCheck
  7. Verified First
  8. Validity Screening Solutions
  9. Corporate Screening Services Inc.
  10. Cisive

According to HRO Today, the overall rankings are determined by analyzing results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes and service quality.

Expert's Tip for CRAs

It is important to point out that this list is entirely based on end-user feedback. CRAs are encouraged to market this survey to their customers in order to gain representative feedback. In many ways, that's a positive because the rankings aren't arbitrary. However, just because a background screening doesn't appear on this list doesn't mean they aren't a reputable provider. It simply means those that are recognized do the best job of driving responses from their constituency. If you want to get on this list, you've got to play the game.

Check out the video below which officially recognizes all of this year’s winners.