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SJV Partners with Appriss Safety to Deliver Cutting-Edge Data Solutions to Background Screening Market


Among the joint initiatives, Appriss and SJV will open distribution of our core products to our mutual clientele. Together, we plan to develop cutting-edge pre-hire solutions, as well as a more comprehensive and compliant “end-to-end” post-hire solution that will include Appriss’ proprietary continuous monitoring technology. These initiatives will deliver a level of data sophistication unmatched in the industry and will advance our shared goal of using data-driven solutions to ensure safer work environments and communities.

“Appriss is thrilled to partner with an industry leader like SJV,” said Brian Matthews, SVP of Appriss Insights. “Our teams are working together, focusing on product innovation, and leveraging each other’s expertise. We are confident that the results of this partnership will further position Appriss and SJV as leading data suppliers in the background screening industry. We are equally committed to providing the most complete set of pre- and post-hire solutions that will allow background screeners to more effectively mitigate insider threats and enterprise risk.”

We couldn’t be more excited to announce this partnership with a recognized technology leader in the world of risk mitigation. We share a mutual culture of innovation and will drive our teams to develop new solutions and enhance existing offerings, while automating and streamlining the overall screening process for our clients.
We have also committed to begin further educating companies on the importance, value, and benefits of implementing continuous post-hire monitoring programs—the next generation of background screening technology and innovation.

Both SJV and Appriss Safety will host booths at the National Association of Professional Background Screeners’ (NAPBS) Mid-Year Legislative and Regulatory Conference in Arlington, VA, March 24 – 26. Please stop by to learn more about this excited news.

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