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The International Process Flow and Why it is so Successful


Renee Henderson, Manager of International Solutions

Our International Solutions are a completely different ballgame when compared to our Domestic Solutions. Naturally, we’re often asked how do we ensure our International Team is delivering updates in a timely fashion? Well, firstly, our International Team at SJV is made up of a group rock stars! They truly are what sets us apart. Each team member has a specialized role, working as closely as possible with our researchers, sources, and clients. However, the key to long-term success is always communication. Communicating effectively with our researchers and our clients is our number one objective. We utilize tools and reports built into our proprietary system to manage the status of each order. For Criminal searches, we track the Estimated Completion Date (ECD) that is set for the order to ensure we are meeting the deadline and communicating in real time – especially if an order requires more time for completion. For Verifications, the team not only tracks the follow-up date, but also the attempts made, and the contact method used. If our primary contact number is unsuccessful, our research team dives deeper to find alternate methods to complete the search. This ensures that we remain proactive during the verifications process.

Beyond our team, SJV maintains a comprehensive network of researchers across the globe that provide near real-time updates from the field. This year, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on our Vendor Management Program to provide meaningful and timely updates to our clients throughout the research life cycle. Unlike domestic background checks, local and national governments often dictate overall turn-around-time. Despite this challenge, SJV works diligently to reduce TAT and ensure that the research process flows smoothly.

We have built a strong network of researchers and have agents in-country that work closely with our sources to provide updates on searches as quickly as possible. Specifically, it is crucial that we are calling during business hours for our Verifications. In addition, if we can’t get through to a number, the agents know that they may have to call a few times to get through successfully. Beyond our Vendor Management Program, we place a heavy emphasis on researcher integration. These integrations ensure the searches are transmitted to the field and back to the client as soon as possible by eliminating an array of manual steps.

Finally, product details are a key component of a successful search or verification. International search requirements frequently change and SJV strives to pass that information to our clients as quickly as possible. It is not uncommon for a source (i.e.. a local or national government agency) to change their requirements for conducting a search or verification without providing any notice. This can cause delays in the research process. The good news is that most sources proactively communicate changes to the search requirements and SJV strives to provide near-real-time updates to our clients. Understanding the requirements of each area in which we conduct searches allows for us to side-step delays, and conduct searches as quickly, and accurately, as possible.