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Shortening The Gap – SJV’s Direct Source Method for County Research


Ask anyone that knows a thing or two about Background Screening, and they’ll tell you one of the most important components of a quality-driven background check is a County Criminal Search.  This is often considered the end-all-be-all for truly accurate and verified information on a person’s background.  With this being the case, there’s always a strong drive to obtain this information as quickly, as accurately, and of course, as cost-effectively as possible.  Wherever there’s a perceived gap in any of those three areas, Background Screening Firms always want to ‘shorten the gap’ as a means of getting court information in the best way possible.  To that end, SJV has taken the next step in shortening this gap for our customers…we utilize a direct source method we call our ‘Proprietary Researcher Network’.
Rather than continue to rely on third-party researchers to visit courts for us, we’ve taken the bold step forward of hiring our own investigators for conducting county level research.  These individuals work solely for SJV, after passing a thorough background check and certification process, and utilize our own technology and processes for completing all searches.  The end result is universally better across all measurable ratings.  Speed, accuracy, costs, reliability, predictability, and constant communication, are just some of the areas we’ve seen vast improvements in the quality of product and level of service we produce for our customers.
If you’re looking to change up your researcher network this year in an effort to ‘shorten the gap’, look no further than our Proprietary Researcher Network in several areas throughout the U.S.  Instead of working with companies that simply outsource your searches to independent contractors with little to no control over their activity, you can now work directly with SJV….as our employees directly visit the courts themselves, effectively shortening the gap between you and the information you require.