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Empowered by People – Behind the Campaign


During 2017 we’ve featured various employees as part of our ‘Empowered by People’ marketing campaign. The feedback we’ve received from our customers, partners, and employees alike, has been universally positive! We’re very humbled by the response, and we thought it might be a nice change of pace for us to provide a behind the scenes look at the creation of this campaign, how we executed it, and what our plans are for the future with it.The Creation of the Campaign

It seems like most B2B approaches to marketing focus on products, or value-propositions they can provide through their ‘unique’ or ‘best-in-class’ solutions. That’s cool (and a bit tired and boring!), but in the era of social media and smartphones, people can now filter the mediums by which they consume information, more than ever before. In other words, they can opt-out of boring e-mail campaigns with a press of their thumb, and hop on social media instead! To provide a fresh change with what our buyers were seeing in the marketplace, we decided to focus our marketing efforts around the things they DID want to see…more specifically, focus our efforts around WHO they wanted to see…

The true heart and soul of SJV has always been our people. We take great pride in the efforts we place towards our culture and the people that make it so special. Anytime we visit customers or attend tradeshows, people didn’t want to talk about the latest marketing blast we sent out featuring a product. Oh, no! They wanted to talk about the PERSON behind that product, or the PERSON they last spoke to about that product. The answer was simple: Give the people what they want!

Execution of the Campaign
In terms of how we rolled out this campaign, nothing too secretive or fancy about it. Get everyone together, take some great headshots, get some interesting information from them (that they are okay with sharing to the world!), and BAM, there’s the campaign! We also took a serious look at metrics around desktop versus mobile engagement for the last three years of our marketing campaigns. The trends clearly showed people viewing more information on their phones, so we needed to ensure there was a mobile-responsive format, and to include all social media platforms as part of our distribution channels.
We’ve also had a backlog of articles ready for our BLOG, which we finally launched this year alongside this campaign. It made for a solid 1-2 punch in terms of featuring the people and faces people want to see, along with showcasing their screening-industry area of expertise in written form.

The Future of the Campaign
If you’ve been following along at home, you may notice that we’ve released pieces on every one of the executive team except one key person that’s left…(looking at you, Scott!) Fear not, we’re not quite done! The beauty of this campaign is that we have SO many more incredible employees that haven’t been featured yet! Stay tuned to see more of the people that make all our success possible, and be sure to stay tuned for the ‘2.0’ version of this campaign in 2018. What’s better than images of our people? Did someone say VIDEO?.... ; )