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Cross Pollination or ‘The Corporate Dosey-Do’


2017 has marked an incredible year of growth and corporate strategy for SJV. We have seen each of our Product Houses expand and our leadership team has also developed and strengthened. In fact, I am going to break the fourth wall here for a moment and point out that is exactly why we have been launching the Personnel Profiles and Blog Posts, to help the Screening Industry continue to learn who the real people are behind the brand of SJV.

With such explosive progress, we have restructured our Service Team, our Sales Team, and many of the Operational Teams that work every day to complete orders and provide service to our CRA clients. As a result, the Management Level of SJV has started to hold a bi-weekly Tactical Leadership Meeting to keep all of the groups and stakeholders informed of the business with each division and team.

This necessitated an on-going program what we have dubbed, ‘The Corporate Dosey-Do’. The term comes from the traditional line dance where partners are paired up and then trade partners. The idea evolved from the basic concept of cross-pollination. An excellent book on the topic was published in 2004, written by Frans Johansson entitled, “The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Cultures”. This practice refers to the 14th century Banking Dynasty who funded the Renaissance, the Medici Family. The thought was to bring members of all different trades; painters, sculptors, poets, scientists, philosophers, etc together to learn and collaborate.

The Corporate Dosey-Do is a dance of sorts that takes place every two weeks between Department Heads at SJV. Each Team Leader pairs up with another Team Leader and they discuss the similarities and differences between their groups. A 60 minutes session is dedicated to reviewing five major categories that affect or can be affect by every group in the organization. They are:

Operating Practices and Procedures
Quality/Content Improvement
Cost Savings
Client/User Satisfaction
Revenue Generation

During these two weeks, the Department Heads will attend team meetings for their partner’s group. They will send team members to meet with one another for 1-on-1 discussions. This is all done with the intention of familiarizing everyone with the functionality, goals, and measurements that exist for each team. And it lends to fresh perspectives to be weighed from outside observers, with the ultimate objective of innovating and improving the way each group does business together and for our clients.

Finally, at each Tactical Meeting, time is allotted for each Department Head to present on the group that they have been working with for the past 14 days. This cross pollination and cross reporting helps reinforce and expand understanding across the entire company.

The Corporate Dosey-Do has already started to pay dividends as SJV has localized several opportunities for efficiency and a greater Customer Experience. We look forward to continuing this project with new team members and leaders into the future, and would recommend the practice to any organization that is experiencing rapid growth and expansion.