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May Kickoff Post for the SJV Blog

We’re here!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out what will certainly be one of your best resources in the background screening industry. You might be asking yourself, ‘SJV launched a blog, so what? What does that mean for me?’ Well, allow me to tell you exactly what that means for you!


Within the background screening industry, SJV is defined as a furnisher of information, and that’s exactly what this blog will also be. This isn’t going to be the all-too-typical self-serving and self-promoting blog that is far too prevalent these days. Oh, no! The SJV Blog will serve as an expert resource covering industry-relevant expertise across numerous products, services, and innovations, that are relevant to your world. We’re going to feature numerous authors that are the industry’s best and brightest, as they share their wealth of expertise across a wide range of topics.

Your next questions might be ‘Why? Why take this approach?’. Again, it all comes back to our position as a furnisher of information. We believe this blog, and the experience SJV has gathered over its twenty years of life, will serve to educate, inform, and empower every single reader…by furnishing them with viable content that will make them more informed, more connected, and more prepared to succeed in the background screening industry.

Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned, as we’ll be posting some great content in the VERY near future…