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SJV compiles the most frequently asked questions from both our customer base and prospective customers of SJV. Through sharing this information, we seek to continue our mission towards being the most transparent solutions provider to the pre-employment and tenant screening industries.

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SJV Connect

What types of records can SJV provide?
Our domestic product offerings include: County Level Criminal, County Level Civil, Statewide Criminal, Federal Criminal, Federal Civil, National Sex Offender Registry, Medical Exclusions (OIG,, DHHS, FDA Debarment, Etc.) Education and Employment Verifications. Our International product offerings include: Criminal Records, Education, Employment, Reference and ID Verifications, Global Security Checks, and where available, we offer: Credit Checks, Negative Media Searches, Civil Searches, Bankruptcy Checks, MVR's, and Local Court Searches.
Do you have a record management/destruction policy?

SJV defers to client contract requirements when determining data retention expectations. If a client does not define specific data retention requirements, SJV will retain archived data for a period of six (6) months.

How do you ensure data integrity and protection?

The integrity and security of the data collected is an integral part of SJV’s systems and processes and is required to provide those using SJV’s systems with the confidence that the data is accurate and protected through collection, storage, analysis, and reporting. The following are techniques, best practices, and industry standards that SJV utilizes to establish a strong control environment that ensures both the integrity and security of the data collected through its life-cycle. 

  • System user authentication utilizing unique user name and password 
  • Access control through user defined roles 
  • Limit write ability to admin users 
  • Encryption requirements (SHA-256 for all data in transit and at rest) 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 
  • Server, application, and Windows firewalls 
  • Use of anti-malware and anti-virus software 
  • Vulnerability scans and log monitoring 
  • Data protection and access control 
  • Documented backup and recovery procedures 
  • Change management control and process review through segregated environments 
  • Data-retention requirements 
  • Data disposal 
  • Audit controls (to include time stamped events) 
  • Input validations 
  • Storage locations 
  • User awareness and training
Does SJV follow PBSA accreditation guidelines?

Yes, we have built our processes and technology to respect those guidelines and our technologies provides greater assurance that we will follow those guidelines with every verification performed.

Criminal Records and Court Data Solutions

What types of records can SJV provide?
County Level Criminal, Statewide Criminal, Federal Criminal, International Criminal, and National Sex Offender Registry checks.
What is your standard search scope for criminal record research?

SJV's default scope is to provide 10 years’ worth of felonies and misdemeanors, plus all other readily available and complete felonies on primary index.If a particular case requires additional research (i.e. On Microfiche, Requires Clerk Assistance, Must Be Ordered Off-Site, etc) it will be considered ‘Not Readily Available’ as defined by the PBSA Researcher Guidelines.

Additional pursuit options and longer or shorter scope parameters are available upon request but will be charged at an additional price as they are outside the standard.

What is your turnaround time for criminal record research?

While the majority of search orders are returned in less than 72 hours, each jurisdiction and source has its own research protocol, leading to variations in TAT county by county. SJV Data Solutions is happy to provide a current TAT report on any jurisdiction you wish to review. Current clients may also view current TAT per jurisdiction via SJV Connect.

For more information, please contact our Sales Team

Does SJV automatically charge me for additional research fees, such as court or clerk fees?

Any and all additional research fees will be sent to your team for approval each day. This ensures you are always in the know and cuts down on delays. You have the ability to approve the fees instantly by logging into SJV Connect. You also have the ability to set an automatic approval threshold, should you so choose, to further expedite the research process.

What are the benefits of automation versus conventional or manual online research?
Automation technology provides Quality, Efficiency, and Scalability. The SJV Automation services are the most accurate methods for searching online court records. The Automation tool eliminates errors, misspellings, transposed numbers and dates, etc. Automation is faster than conventional or manual online processes. The software solution conducts tens of thousands of orders per hour. This is faster than any individual or team of processors. Orders resulting in no record found are completed very quickly. Orders resulting in hits are processed internally but are still faster than any conventional process. Automation also provides scalability for you and your clients. Rather than continually increasing the size of your labor force, SJV Automation can process all of the volume; freeing your labor for other duties and responsibilities outside of manually running website searches.
Is SJV's automation a database search?
No, while we conduct these searches very rapidly similar to a database search, our automation conducts the search through technology by accessing the Court’s online public access site. SJV does not offer databased information for criminal records. All information provided by SJV is obtained directly from the source of the search and is conducted in real-time. SJV does not warehouse information for resale or repurpose existing criminal histories for new research.
How does SJV handle rechecks and disputes?
SJV will provide rechecks upon request. If it is determined that a mistake was made by SJV or its researchers, there is no charge for the recheck. SJV will re-verify at no cost any consumer disputed report when the subject of the report makes a request in accordance with the FCRA or other applicable laws. SJV’s response shall be made in writing and delivered in a timely manner.
What procedures does SJV have in place to ensure the accuracy of criminal information being returned to my team?
All vendors that conduct criminal background searches for SJV are tested (SALTED) regularly at a maximum of 2% estimated monthly volume. All test cases are based on confirmed previous results and reviewed in detail by the processing department. Any failed test case or discrepancy will prompt a corrective action report and a thorough review of the processes that led to the discrepancy.

Resume Verification

Do you offer integrations with NSC, TALX and other automated systems?
Yes, we utilize integrations with NSC and TALX and maintain on-line accounts with all the major verification systems. However, TALX requires that we utilize the CRAs credentials to ensure direct billing between TALX and the CRA.
What verification products do you offer?

Our Verifications Suite includes Domestic and International solutions for: Employment, Education, References, Professional Licenses, Military Service, DOT and Global ID Verification.

Do you offer Department of Transportation (DOT) products?

SJV offers DOT verifications customized to our clients' current practices and procedures. If you are interested in our DOT offerings, please contact a member of our Sales Team for more information.

How many attempts are made when performing a Verification of Education or Employment?

Our standard call pattern is 4 contact attempts in 4 days. However, SJV offers the ability to customize call patterns to our clients' preferences, as well as the preferences of the end users.

How will I receive updates on domestic verification searches?
The return of verifications updates is dictated by the method through which the search was placed. However, updates on verification searches can always be access on SJV Connect at any time.

Medical Compliance

Is the MedEx Suite of Services in compliance with the Affordable Care Act?
Yes. The MedEx services all meet or exceed the minimum requirements for screening healthcare professionals in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. The wide array of products that are offered through the MedEx Suite can help you and your client identify exactly what is required to maintain compliance with federal and state level legislation.
Does MedEx offer annual re-checks or re-screens to keep employers in compliance?

SJV MedEx Monitoring solution exceeds the minimum recheck requirement of the OIG. SJV's MedEx Monitoring product allows clients to create an on-going pool of candidates which are continuously monitored from the date of entry to the date of removal. MedEx Monitoring provides exclusion information as soon as the database is updated. This allows employers to quickly assess how to proceed, and avoid the possibility of incurring thousands in fees by waiting until the next week, month, or year to learn of their applicant's exclusion.

Does SJV accept batch uploads of applicants and/or entities for Medical Exclusion Research?

Yes. SJV can provide you and your customers with a template to load new names to SJV Connect without individual search entry. SJV Connect also has the capability of removing a list of names from an existing batch without composing a new list from scratch. Just send the names that should be removed in the template and our system will take them out of the batch for future research.

Can I order MedEx via my integration platform?

Each third party integration platform supports various levels of SJV’s MedEx Solution.  However, all MedEx products are able to be ordered via SJV’s Connect platform, as well as via direct API integration with SJV Connect.

International Data

What policies and practices does SJV employ to guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of international results?
SJV prides itself on being the most transparent provider of criminal record research around the world. We house several proprietary documents explaining the search process, the sources used in each country, and the required pieces of information and/or documentation to conduct the search. SJV’s team of International Specialists have over 30 years of industry experience interacting and facilitating criminal record research outside the United States. SJV also boasts one of the highest hit rate percentages for international research in the industry. SJV returns complete and decipherable record results.
Does SJV require consent forms to conduct international searches?

SJV has vetted each and every country to determine what is needed for a valid search. All country specific consent forms are available via SJV Connect for our customers, as well as a generic consent form template. The consent form assures that all parties involved are in compliance with the laws of that country. Whether you are searching the United States or any country abroad, a consent form is required.

How many attempts are made when performing an International Verification of Education or Employment?

The SJV International Team strives to close all International Verifications within 7 to 8 business days, with updates provided every 48 hours. The Standard Time Service for all International verifications is up to 15 business days; if additional processing time is required, due to circumstances within certain regions such as holidays and processing delays, Researcher/Vendor must advise clients and adjust the ETA accordingly.

If after 15 days we are unable to complete the verification, the search order will be placed in Need Information status, where we request additional contacts from the client. The order is left in Need Information status for 10 days prior to closure.

How will I receive updates on International Verifications?

Updates on verifications are provided daily, within pending lists or on SJV Connect. If additional information is required, you can contact our Client Services Team at and they will provide further details.

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